My name is Jouni. I'm radio amateur from Tampere, Finland. My radio station call is OH3CUF. My station maidenhead locator is at KP11WL.

Weather sondes

I'm interested in chasing radiosondes. Here in Finland we have few stations that launch Vaisala radiosondes.


DMR links

Local repeater activity

My brandmaister activity

Other HAM-webpages

Finnish HAM repeaters sorted by your location

OH3BHX - great web pages for experiments with radio balloons and other posts

Hämeenlinnan radioamatöörit - aktiiviset verkkosivut ja paljon kiinnostavia tapahtumia

Contact me

Send me email to cq (at_mark) cuf (dot) fi. When I'm on the move you can see my APRS location packets at aprs-map.info.

Time is ..